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    Enhance Customer Experiences and Empower Businesses through Elite Augmented Reality Services

    Augmented reality is gaining widespread traction as a game-changer. When harnessed effectively, AR drives innovation and keeps you ahead of the competition. Hence, if you want to exploit the power of augmented reality and propel their business forward; you need custom-made AR application development solutions that are excellently designed and purpose-driven. This is what we specialize in. Having a skilled team, a practical approach, and vast experience in tackling the industry’s challenges, Cubix is the right company to partner with. We can help you progress – through the power of AR.

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    Be it cryptocurrency development or an ICO launch, our blockchain experts create secure decentralized apps.

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    Let your customers experience the beauty and power of AR, VR and motion capture technologi

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    Build spectacular 2D and 3D multiplayer games for mobile devices powered by addictive gameplay.

    AR: A Game-Changer for Modern Businesses

    Finding better ways of doing things has driven the tech industry’s rapid growth. The industry always moves in one direction – towards the better. That’s why we see technological evolution – a trend towards better, more advanced, more effective, and more efficient technologies. What happens to those who fail to keep up with the trend? They become obsolete and are forgotten.

    However, one important thing to realize is that this progress towards better is not always linear – innovation, out-of-the-box solutions, and crazy ideas have added more dimensions to the term “progress,” enriching the concept and making it harder to define. And this progress (with added dimensions) has surely made the world of technology exciting to follow. Augmented reality is one such area that is highly innovative and exciting – a reiteration of the concept of multi-dimensional progress.

    With games designed and built around real surroundings, AR got the attention of generation Z and companies looking to cater to their needs – especially the game development industry. Seeing the capabilities and the impact, other industries started relying on augmented reality for improving their processes, services, and products – causing the AR app development service sector to boom.

    From enhanced eCommerce customer experience to self-driving cars, how AR has impacted businesses are plenty. Owing to its wide-ranging impact, businesses from every industry are starting to pay attention to the developments and updates from the AR world.

    If your business values innovation and advancement, you should be aware of what’s happening in AR, regardless of the industry you operate within. So that when the time is right, you can partner with a good AR app development service and reap the benefits of this amazing technology.

    How Does AR Work?

    Augmented reality works by adding digital features to a physical space. Here’s a simplified step-by-step explanation of that :

    • Step 1: The program reads and understands a space by viewing it through a camera
    • Step 2: The program adds digital content to that space
    • Step 3: You have an augmented reality.

    To accomplish this, the program must be able to read and understand the physical space well. Only then can it enhance the space with digital content and features. Systems with augmented reality capabilities do that through computer vision.

    Computer vision enables a program to recognize objects in the physical world The program is fed with images and is “taught” to distinguish between them. An AR system’s computer vision is developed using deep learning and convolutional neural networks.

    Capabilities of computer vision

    Computer vision is equipped with the capabilities that enable it to analyze visual content thoroughly. These abilities include:

    • Image identification and classification
    • Object detection
    • Object tracking

    Real-world application of AR capabilities

    Helping a doctor perform surgery by giving him the anatomical view of the patient, enabling vehicles to reach their destination by smartly maneuvering them through traffic and objects without driver’s intervention, and giving an interior designer a preview of space by digitally placing furniture in a given area – all these are tasks accomplished by AR. These are just some of the examples that highlight the way. Augmented reality is transforming how tasks are performed.

    How can businesses capitalize on these capabilities?

    Equipped with powerful capabilities and the ability to accomplish remarkable tasks, AR systems have the power to transform your business by improving various aspects of it. However, to fully utilize its potential, you must partner with the right augmented reality maintenance service. When planning to partner with an Augmented Reality Development Company, a brand should go for one that has a proven record.

    There are countless ways you can drive your brand toward progress, from significantly elevating the quality of your service and enhancing your processes, to integrating AR into your products. And it’s up to you to join hands with a skilled augmented reality app development service and exploit the power of AR to drive your brand to the top.

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